Congratulations to the 2023 Who's Who:
Miss / Mr. MCHS - Madison Montgomery and Landon Smith
Best All Around - Phoebe Whitaker and Brandon Blakely
Best Dressed - Biana Davis and Kyler Harvell
Best Smile - Chloe Shelton and Caleb Atkins
Biggest Flirt - Maegan McDaniel and Will Moffett
Class Clown - Keonna Trice and Justin Ayres
Life of the Party - Emma Crump and Joseph Dickey
Most Athletic - Maddie Kirk and Simon Whitaker
Most Changed Since Freshman Year - Emma Lott and Neel Patel
Most Likely to Be Mistaken as a Freshman - Abbi Atkinson and AJ Taylor
Most Likely to Succeed - Kelly Wu and Mark Mathis
Most School Spirited - Alli Austin and Will Johnson
Most Talented - Abigail Hurst and Stephen Haag

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