Most Likely to Stick Around - Sarah Lipford and Garrett Brown

Most Likely to be Late to Graduation - Lainey Hensley and Keaton Gray

Most Athletic - Khyla Wade-Warren and Austin Scott

Bluest Blood - Lauren Kiley Phegley and John Droke

Most Likely to Succeed - Emma Tull and Tanner Parmely

Coolest Ride - Allie King and Tucker Gray

Teacher’s Pet - Tori York and Trevor Ferrell 

Cutest Couple that Never Was - Maggie Whitaker and Dru Yopp

Most Talented - Clara Bodiford and Aidan Buck

Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket - Hannah Lundy and Will Deaton

Most Likely to Come Back to MCHS to Teach - Eve Foret and Jay Woodruff

Class Heartbreaker - Jessica Sellers and Elijah Staggs

Most Involved - Abby Yopp and Cole Kirk

Most Likely to be Mistaken as a Freshman - Allison Roberts and John Cox

Life of the Party - Alexis Moore and Alex Peden

Best All Around - Ashley Crowe and Mason Latham


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