MCHS has implemented a new program this year for the freshman class of 2026.  Students spend three weeks with a Career-Technical teacher to learn about some of the skills they teach in their programs through Career Exploration.  The goal is to introduce students to the opportunities available at MCHS, and to help them find out what careers they show an interest in.  During skinny block, the students are working with CTE teachers to explore the world of work.

Robin York teaches engineering and coaches the robotics team.  The team recently competed at Mississippi Best, finishing third overall, and qualified to compete at the regional competition in December. For her three-week rotation, students are being introduced to engineering concepts with some very simple materials.

"Engineering at its finest!  Mrs. York's skinny block kids were asked to build a boat for Barbie.  They could only use copy paper and scotch tape. They spent 3 days designing & building their boats.  All of the boats floated Barbie for one minute. Barbie never went “swimming with the fishes”.  So proud of these young men & women.  Here are a few pictures of our projects." - Mrs. York


"My skinny block before this one built paper roller coasters.  They were given copy paper, scotch tape, a foam board, and a list of requirements.  
They spent 7 days designing & building a roller coaster to send a marble through an adventure.  They did an awesome job!" - Mrs. York


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