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Welcome to 2021-2022!

The new school year is about to begin, and we are excited to be returning to a more normal routine.  The following information is to help students and parents with the first week of school. 

On Monday, August 2nd, all incoming freshmen (9th graders) will have a full day from 7:45 - 3:00.  Students will be seated in the Commons upon arrival, and will be directed at 8:00 to a class meeting.  Following the meeting, they will go to homeroom to receive paperwork, find out about their lockers and lunch codes, and a variety of other important information.  They will also have school pictures taken this morning; the picture is used for their student ID card and the online gradebook, in addition to being printed in the yearbook and available for parents to purchase. 

After homeroom, students will go through an abbreviated class schedule, meeting with each of their first semester teachers.  Students will be dismissed at 3:00.  Those students who ride buses should know their bus driver's name and/or number, and  get to that entrance quickly.  After buses have left, students who are being picked up will be sent  to Entrance 4.  If a student is not at the entrance when their parent gets to the front of the line, the parent will be sent back around while the student is located, so make sure your student knows to be ready.

All upperclassmen, but NOT freshmen, will attend school on Tuesday, August 3rd, and will follow much the same format with homeroom, class pictures, and abbreviated class schedule.

Students will receive their school email and online gradebook information on their first day of school (Monday or Tuesday).  If they do not know their username and/or password for either, they will have until Friday afternoon to get a password reset. After Friday, password resets will have a $1 charge.

Wednesday, August 4th will be the first day that all four grades attend together.  Students will follow a regular schedule from that point on.  We will meet homeroom Wednesday through Friday, instead of skinny block, so that students may turn in the required paperwork to their homeroom teachers. Skinny block will begin on Monday, August 9th.

By the end of the first week, students should have also turned in $10 to their homeroom teacher to cover the cost of their Student ID and agenda.  The ID card is both their library and lunch card, and is a legal form of identification.  Replacement cards are $5, so students should make sure to keep up with their card when they receive it.


For the 2021-2022 school year, all MCHS students will receive a chromebook free of charge to use at home and school.  Student chromebook distribution at McNairy Central High School will begin on August 2, 2021. 

Students are required to have a signed Acceptable Use Policy and Chromebook Agreement.  Copies will be provided to students on their first day, however students may print the attached forms and bring them in.  NO chromebook will be assigned without a signed copy of BOTH documents.  

No personal laptops or tablets may be used at MCHS this year.  Students will be required to bring their charged Chromebook to class each day per the teacher's expectations.


Incoming freshmen email addresses have been updated to reflect our format.  The password has not been changed, but your username has been updated to the following format:  25smithjohn@mcnairy.org - which should be your last name, followed by your first name (legal name).  

Upperclass emails have not changed; your address follows the same format but has the period between your last and first names. The only exception to that rule for upperclassmen is if you enrolled after the first week of school.  

If you have issues with your email address, you will have the opportunity on Monday or Tuesday to have those issues fixed.