We Love Yearbook! Junior staffer Westin Rankin, senior Editors Laurel Merry and Jilliann Rowsey, and sophomore staffer Emma Harris attended the Walsworth Fall Workshop at the Bartlett Performing Arts Center on Thursday, September 8, 2022, along with their advisor, Mrs. Lisa Chandler.

Guest speaker Blaze Hayes taught the students about caption writing and developing headlines and subheadlines while handing out many of his famous "Blaze Bucks."

After the workshop, Jilliann stated, "I'm so excited for the year and getting to be one of the editors! Can't wait to get to apply some of the things we learned at the workshop, like using what they taught us about captions. I think I will now be able to better use them."

Then Laurel added, "I am honored to be co-editor of the yearbook this year. In the past 3 years, working as yearbook staff has really grown my creativity. Recently, we attended a yearbook workshop which really inspired me and sparked some good ideas for this year. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given through the MCHS yearbook class."

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